The British and Irish Modern Music Institute: a collective movement made up of independent directions.
The BIMM identity uses a triangular grid representing synergy and collaboration.
This murmuration pattern in nature is known as scale-free correlation.
We used this pattern, inspired by flocking starlings, to build an identity around a single core message: find your direction.
This graphic system became the center piece to each design element.


Undertaken with Smith Dawson

In 2018, I worked with Shoreditch-based agency Smith Dawson to deliver a rebrand for BIMM; Europe’s leading & largest music college. The identity is inspired by flocking birds in a pattern known as a “murmuration”. This concept became a vessel to represent an individuals’ journey in the arts; to be surrounded by the likeminded and motivated, but also on a unique and personal journey.

The rebrand was implemented in 2018.

Fox Rogers — Creative Director