Nestlums is an app designed to help young children aged four to eight years old grasp the concept of digital money.
The app balances in-game rewards with real-world tasks, helping them to understand that their physical efforts have digital value.
Nestlums harnesses the ‘power of play’ – using gamification and character-driven design to help kids to progress and learn.
Our partner Glitchers were key to bringing the Nestlums to life, adding a whole host of subtle, fun interactions.


Pocket Money app, 2020

Nestlums is an app designed to help kids under ten grasp the concept of digital money in a safe environment with the assistance of a race of conscientious creatures called Nestlums. I authored Nestlums in 2019, creating the game concept, character design and UI of the app, before collaborating with BAFTA-nominated games studio Glitchers to elevate the product to market.

Nestlums was featured on the Apple App Store in July 2020.

Fox Rogers — Creative Director