The Rooms identity looked to reject the minimal and modern - and instead to herald the painterly works of the 17th century.
Each "room" or location has its' own unique marque - whether the archways at Deptford Market Yard or the tall Georgian buildings of Greenwich Marketplace.
Each bouquet of flowers created by the florist was named after the works of Jacob Ludwig Grimm.
Shot delicately by Joseph Barratt, the art direction looked to capture flowers as they were viewed in the 17th century; exquisite, exotic and unusual.
The identity looks to balance the modern and sophisticated with the sensuality and exuberance of the Baroque style.

The Rooms

Brand Identity, 2014-2020

Previously the English Flowerhouse, I have worked with The Rooms since 2014, helping them to establish their business as one of London’s leading florists operating out of Seven Dials Market. The Identity is inspired by the 19th Century wardian case; an early terrarium invented by Dr. Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward.

Fox Rogers — Creative Director