The 'gryo' is the graphic manifestation of the Thought Machines' core banking system, designed to feel advanced and otherworldy.
The rest of the Thought Machine identity is based on an iconographic brand system, by which each icon becomes a constituent part of a larger system.
Movement is inherent in the brand, with icons designed to shift, change and adapt at will.
Just like it's parent company, the iconography and graphic system is ever changing and evolving.

Thought Machine

Branding + Identity, 2015-2020

Since 2015, I have lead the brand identity for shoreditch-based startup, Thought Machine, scaling the brand system to a company of over 400 employees in 3 locations globally. The brand itself is defined by its’ modularity – utilising a suite of icons that represent internal functions, teams and processes. Alongside the iconography, a flexible grid and typographic system reflect the company’s core philosophies: professional, minimal and engaging.

Fox Rogers — Creative Director