The World of Fates

A mysterious and unstoppable force is consuming our planet. Known only as the Braid, this dangerous anomaly is a threat to our entire existence. To ensure our survival, we must find a new home among the stars.

World of Fates

When a mysterious and unstoppable catastrophe, known only as the Unthreading, threatens mankind with extinction, we have no choice but to flee and rebuild our world among the stars. Within months, earth will be lost. To ensure an optimal cross-section of humanity, the Assembly for the Survival of Humanity (ASH) has created a vetting process that will determine who is permitted to leave earth.

Only 10,000 will leave.

With them, they’ll take a resource of vital importance for the future of humankind. It’s not coal, oil or precious minerals, but seeds. Genetically modified varieties that will cure diseases, provide food, and sustain life.

Fox Rogers — Worldbuilding & Design